Kirtland Temple

2017 Registration is Open

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! We are excited to begin registration for the 2017 Heritage Tours! We will be accepting applications from current Juniors and Seniors and also those who have already graduated, but never got the chance to go on HT. Please help us spread the word. Invite cousins or friends who live outside of Utah. Tell classmates about this life-changing experience. We are offering one tour this year in July. The dates will be July 3 - 22, 2017.…

MTC On Wheels

Dear Heritage Tours, My daughter, Marissa Bailey, went on Heritage Tours a year and a half ago.  She absolutely loved it!  I think she really took full advantage of the tour and really learned a lot and grew a lot.  It was also where she had confirmation that she should serve a mission, something she has wanted to do for a long time.  She is currently serving in Gilbert, AZ, Spanish speaking.  She absolutely loves it and is grateful for…

Temple Bus

The Bus – A Temple of Learning

IMPORTANT CHANGES: We decided to no longer fly to cut out the first couple days. We thought about this and talked to past tour participants and have come to the conclusion that the benefits of traveling in the bus outweighs the benefits of cutting the tour shorter! The bus becomes a temple of learning. The PREPARATION, STUDIES, ACTIVITIES, SINGING and BONDING that happens on the bus is so important those first three days. For a lot of students, the spiritual experiences they have on the…


Greatest Three Weeks

"This has been the greatest three weeks. I have enjoyed so much getting to know so many great and spiritual people. I have also loved getting to go to all of the church history sites. I have never felt such a great feeling and spirit of peace."