MTC On Wheels

February 3, 2016

Dear Heritage Tours,

My daughter, Marissa Bailey, went on Heritage Tours a year and a half ago.  She absolutely loved it!  I think she really took full advantage of the tour and really learned a lot and grew a lot.  It was also where she had confirmation that she should serve a mission, something she has wanted to do for a long time.  She is currently serving in Gilbert, AZ, Spanish speaking.  She absolutely loves it and is grateful for the preparation that HT was for her.  She wrote about it in one of her letters from the Mexico MTC this past summer.

On Sunday night, the movie we watched was The Restoration! Ah I love it! But it was even more special and more amazing after having visited all of those sites last summer! HERITAGE TOURS! OH MY GOSH! So I love HT and had amazing experiences on it, but honestly, I never really realized how amazing it was. Nothing could have prepared me for a mission like it did. We lived the missionary rules for those three weeks, we studied allll of the time, we dressed how missionaries have to dress. The whole shabang. There are other tours that are awesome as well and I’m sure so fun, but if anyone is planning on going on one and wants to have the best time ever and prepare for a mission, GO ON HERITAGE TOURS. It really was an MTC on wheels and I think about my experiences there and talk about it all of the time! So grateful to have had that opportunity.

~Marissa Bailey