The Bus – A Temple of Learning

January 21, 2017

The above picture is a symbol of an important aspect of Heritage Tours and how we want the participants to feel about their experience of being on a bus for 20 days.

As you can see there is an image of a Temple (the Washington DC Temple) reflecting off the windows and side of the bus. We want this symbol to be remembered as the intent of how you feel about your experiences on this long bus ride. D&C 87:8 teaches us to seek out “holy places”. Our experience over the years and the comments of former participants have helped us to realize that the confines of the bus can and have been a “holy place”—a special place where the Spirit of the Lord has been present, testimonies have been expressed, and the important principles of the Gospel have been taught and internalized. Hence, the bus can be a “Temple of learning” and a place where you can have a special experience. But of course it all depends on you, the participants, if it is to happen as explained.

In regard to this concept of the bus experience—please know that we do not want you to think that there will not be any fun on the bus. There will be times when plenty of fun will be enjoyed and participated in. We simply ask that it is controlled and is seen as a break from the study and sharing that takes place. There must be a good balance of activities and visiting.

Thanks for choosing Heritage Tours
Robert W. Eliason, Director