2018 Registration – CANCELLED

September 15, 2017


11/27/17 – Due to the passing of our beloved tour director, Bob Eliason, we will be cancelling the tour for 2018.


We are excited to begin registration for the 2018 Heritage Tours! We will be accepting applications from current Juniors and Seniors and also those who have already graduated, but never got the chance to go on HT. Please help us spread the word. Invite cousins or friends who live outside of Utah. Tell classmates about this life-changing experience.

We are offering one tour this year in July. The dates will be July 9 – 28, 2018. We will be able to see the Kirtland, Hill Cumorah and Nauvoo Pageants, which are only available in July.┬áCheck out our Itinerary to see the many Church History and American History sites we will get to experience this summer.

CLICK HERE to go to our Application page.

Learn more about Heritage Tours through those who have experienced it:

Heritage Tours is the best! The bus was amazing and held a Spirit I have never experienced before. It prepared us for the sights we would see and the things we would feel. My testimony has been strengthened because of the things I have seen, the things I have felt, the people we remember, and the new people we have met. I became closer with the people around me on the bus. But most importantly, I became closer to my Savior. Heritage Tours has blessed my life and I will be eternally grateful…

–Sarah, HT 2017


Experiencing Heritage Tours has been an amazing adventure. You learn so much about yourself and the gospel and your life and your purpose and who you want to become. There’s no better way to do this than to go on Heritage Tours.

–Carson, HT 2017


Heritage Tours will strengthen your testimony more than any other experience. You get to see and learn the coolest things, but most important, the Spirit you feel on the tour is so strong. The environment on Heritage Tours helps you to understand how much Heavenly Father and Christ love you. It prepares you for a mission and makes you a better person. The tour helps you create good habits and recognize the blessings you receive when doing what were commanded. I am the best me because of Heritage Tours!

Bryanna, HT 2017


This trip has made a big change in my life. It is worth a lot more than you pay to come. If you put your heart into it, you will never regret what you get out of this. I used this as my senior trip, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed any other trip. Everyone here is trying to feel the spirit and gain a stronger testimony than you have. You will learn more about the truth, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and you will be able to share the truth of this church. There is no better teacher than Brother E. and those who are on the bus with you. This is a fun, spiritual and social experience and the best way to get ready for a mission.

Cassie, HT 2017